Tom has 20 years of professional experience in various industries as a graphic designer, art director, photographer, and design instructor.
As an art director and designer, his forte is creating brands from concept to completion. He believes that the logo is an essential element of the brand and that mark has to exude the client's vision for their business.
anyone these days can "design" a logo, but few people can understand both the client's optics and create a visually appealing brand.
He has the ability to problem solve, the capacity to successfully lead, nurture, mentor creative teams, and the continued passion to learn, make things easier, more beautiful, and more functional.
With his years of experience, he has been involved in the creation, production, and completion of multi-page booklets, trade-show graphics, web sites (both e-commerce and traditional), branding, and packaging. With a multitude of projects under his belt, he has always remained focused and cool under pressure, even with looming deadlines. Along the way, he has honed his skills behind the lens and has also art directed and shot product and portrait photography for various businesses. His goal is to always learn and challenge his creativity and be in an environment where he can utilize his talent to the fullest.
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